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What Causes Anxiety Among the Elderly?


Anxiety is defined as an emotion that involves feelings of dread, fear, tension, and uneasiness and can also include physical changes such as increased blood pressure and heavy sweating. It is a mental health condition that affects a large number of people and is also one of the most common health issues for seniors. Anxiety can affect a person’s daily life because it can reach a point where they find it difficult to function normally. Despite its grave consequences for the elderly, it is mostly overlooked.

Experiencing or dealing with a loved one suffering from anxiety is a serious matter, as it can lead to other mental health illnesses. It can also take a toll on their physical health by causing fatigue, headaches, and tension in the muscles. Aside from all that, it can also increase a senior’s risk of getting into accidents and falls, which is why it is important that they are provided assistance with daily living activities. So what causes anxiety among the elderly?

Below are a few factors that can contribute to an elderly person having an anxiety disorder:

  • Experiencing extreme stress and/or trauma
  • Feeling Chronic or complicated grief
  • Having a family history of anxiety disorders
  • Consuming alcohol, caffeine, and/or drugs

The good news is that there are many treatments available to treat those who are affected by an anxiety disorder, such as therapy sessions, prescriptions, medication, and lifestyle changes. Through our home health care in Ohio, whatever your health condition may be, we are here to help you become or stay the healthiest version of yourself!

Families and caregivers of people with Anxiety should provide as much support as possible to their loved ones; being there for them, especially in times of need, makes a huge difference. With the services provided by a home health provider, your loved ones are ensured to receive the care that they deserve.

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